Not sponsors… The Cognitive Business Automation is a unique event in the business & technology world because of our relationship with our partners. Our aim is to support our partners to reach their targets and inspire innovation. This vision is shared by a select group of partners at our highest quality events with the most elite audience.

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Over 200 international senior industry executives will gather to discuss their key challenges, industry topics and tasks, while exchanging knowledge and creating new partnerships. Do you have a solution or product and would like to present, exhibit or meet active buyers?

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Leading industry publications, mainstream media and online portals are supporting Cognitive Automation Business 2018.

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Cognitive Business Automation offers you the unique opportunity to position your business in front of leading experts and is designed to maximise your time with your target audience and new business prospects. From the thought-provoking plenary and business stream sessions to networking at the Icebreaker and World Café sessions, your company will be front and center.

Do you have a solution or product and want to present, exhibit or meet active buyers?

Our Business Partner Community

What’s in it for you – why partner & sponsor Cognitive Business Automation 2018?

Our tailor-made packages are created to address your individual needs, products and services. Sponsoring the Cognitive Business Automation will give you the chance to:

  1. Promote your business as a thought leader and launch a new product or business solution at the event
  2. Gain exclusive access to high profile industry leaders, meeting face to face with over 200 attendees in 2018
  3. Network for over 30h with your target audience and educate over 200 end users on how deal with cognitive technologies with our wordwide unique business tinder matchmaking app!
  4. Get your product in front of the right buyers – senior technical experts driving technology & strategy adoption within companies ranging from SME’s to Global Giants – providing you an enjoyable and social platform to meet and network with all conference attendees and speakers
  5. Drive sales’ leads pre, during and post event

Join the event as a business partner to explore specific market verticals, market your products and gain brand exposure to your target audience.

What our partners say and why they love attending our conferences…

Partnering with Cognitive Business Automation will give you the chance to:

  1. Benefit from the ultimate social selling – share experiences with your customers and arrange meetings based on qualifications via our worldwirde unique business tinder matchmaking app!
  2. Showcase your brand in innovative ways via website, live channels and the conference app throughout the full 12-month cycle, as well as having a physical presence onsite
  3. Benefit from our dedicated and extensive marketing campaign to assemble the right strategic leaders in the health industry
  4. Receive a focused consultation with our business partner team to ensure we fully understand your technology, your business objectives and who you are looking to connect with
  5. Position yourself ahead of the competition by establishing your presence at the leading yearly DevOps conference
  6. Book your tailor-made packages which are created to address your individual needs, products and services.

Primary Media Partner

Cognitive Technologies Voice explores and encompasses the impact of cognitive technologies, AI and its subfields and related areas, such as Machine- & Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Imaging Systems, NLPS, Neural networks, Cognitive Robotics, Automated Reasoning and a lot of more, on organisations and helps leaders make wise strategy and technology choices.


Media Partner

appliedAI.com is world’s leading business platform for data analytics, IoT and AI solutions. appliedAI.com provides objective and detailed information on 100+ AI use cases and 3K+ AI vendors. Visit appliedAI.com, choose your industry and business function to get a custom list of AI solutions to transform your business.


Deep Learning Weekly aims at being the premier news aggregator for all things deep learning and covers research developments, industry breakthroughs, as well as open source projects. Join a growing community of thousands of deep learning enthusiasts by signing up for their weekly newsletter or their Slack study group where hundreds of students delve into advanced Deep Learning topics.